Felony guilty pleas, pension battles and Twinkie-stealing teachers (allegedly). Who said school was boring?

July 7, 2014, San Francisco Chronicle
CCSF sues Bean Scene cafe over $127,000 in unpaid rent
A campus coffee shop once tied to a criminal scandal at City College of San Francisco is now accused of bilking the troubled school out of nearly $130,000.

Sept. 4, 2012, San Francisco Examiner
CCSF faulted for mishandling administrator pensions
A recent audit by the California State Teachers’ Retirement System found that for nearly two decades, the college has signed up administrators who were never legally eligible for pension benefits.

Aug. 25, 2012, San Francisco Chronicle
City College trustees OK new pay policy
From now on, City College of San Francisco’s elected trustees will get paid only if they come to work.

Aug. 15, 2012, SF Weekly
A Bayview teacher faces more allegations
The teacher, Deborah Fergin-Mavaega, 51, avoided criminal prosecution by completing a “pretrial diversion program” for first-time offenders. Now Fergin-Mavaega is facing new allegations that she was physically abusive.

Aug. 3, 2012, San Francisco Examiner
No pay for absent CCSF trustees
The elected officials who oversee City College of San Francisco may soon have to show up to work to be paid.

June 15, 2012, San Francisco Chronicle
SF City College urged to halt absent trustees’ pay
Officials who oversee the state’s community college system are urging City College of San Francisco to stop paying trustees for the meetings they fail to attend – a practice the state authority says is illegal.

Feb. 27, 2012, San Francisco Chronicle
Absent City College of SF trustees skip meetings, get stipends
City College of San Francisco trustees regularly collect their monthly stipend whether they show up to board meetings or not – a practice legal experts say violates state law.

Nov. 2, 2011, San Francisco Chronicle
Ex-City College chief Philip Day gets probation
A judge sentenced former City College of San Francisco Chancellor Philip Day to five years probation Tuesday for misusing $100,000 in college funds.

Sept. 29, 2011, San Francisco Chronicle
Ex-SF City College officials plead guilty
The former chancellor of City College of San Francisco has pleaded guilty to felony charges of misusing public funds. As part of a plea deal, Philip Day admitted last week to diverting nearly $100,000 in college funds to campaign for community college bond ballot measures.

Aug. 11, 2011, California Watch/Center for Investigative Reporting
Oakland preschooler molested by classmate, family says
The family’s allegations are not the first time reports have surfaced at Oakland schools of sexual behavior by young children going unnoticed by teachers.

June 18, 2011, San Francisco Chronicle
Teacher’s fight to renew visa a first for Oakland
Evelyn Francisco, the only AP statistics teacher at Oakland Technical High School, is asking an Alameda County Superior Court judge to order school officials to sign the paperwork. She argues that the district is illegally firing her by refusing sponsorship of the visa that allows her to stay in the country.

June 1, 2011, California Watch
Program examines Japanese and Muslim wartime experiences
While relatively small, the existence of such a program speaks to the bond that has developed between Japanese Americans and Muslims, especially in California, since 9/11.

March 23, 2011, San Francisco Chronicle
City College of SF ex-officials balk at plea deal
Three former City College of San Francisco officials accused of misusing public funds are balking at an offer that would allow them to avoid a trial and possible prison time in exchange for guilty pleas to felony charges and an agreement to pay $95,000 in restitution to the college.

Sept. 1, 2010, San Francisco Chronicle
S.F. State student loses case over fee increase
San Francisco State University has no obligation to refund a student additional fees it charged after CSU trustees approved a last-minute tuition increase last year, a San Francisco court has decided.

Aug. 28, 2010, San Francisco Chronicle
S.F. State student sues over late fee increase
Appearing in small claims court Friday, San Francisco State University student Angela Yuen Uyeda said university officials had unfairly forced her to pay twice for the fall 2009 semester.

Aug. 18, 2010, San Francisco Chronicle
Official suing City College takes lesser job
A City College of San Francisco vice chancellor whose job was in jeopardy following an investigation into allegations that he had harassed and intimidated district employees has unexpectedly stepped down and into a lower-paying position as student counselor, where it will be nearly impossible to fire him.

June 27, 2010, San Francisco Chronicle
City College official files defamation suit
A City College of San Francisco official who has been the target of investigation at the community college has filed a defamation lawsuit against the district’s chancellor claiming the chancellor sabotaged his bid for a post at another institution.

May 5, 2010, San Francisco Chronicle
Saga of City College’s Porta Potti bill
For months, a collection agent for United Site Services, the Porta Potti company, left messages with the college’s accounting department, seeking the $292.77 rental payment, college records show.

Feb. 25, 2010, San Francisco Examiner
CCSF cedes control of $16M
City College of San Francisco has relinquished control of most of its foundation’s $19 million endowment, bringing a months-long dispute over the funds to an end, representatives from the college and foundation said. Foundation directors sought full control of the assets late last year after a district attorney investigation resulted in criminal charges against the college’s former chancellor.

Jan. 25, 2010, San Francisco Chronicle
City College Foundation seeks control of assets
In an effort to distance itself from a criminal case involving three former City College of San Francisco administrators, the school’s foundation is seeking full control of its $19 million in assets, according to letters the foundation’s president sent to college administrators.

July 10, 2009, San Francisco Chronicle
Ex-City College chancellor leaves current job
by Stephanie Rice & Lance Williams
The former chancellor of City College of San Francisco went on unpaid leave from his post as head of a Washington, D.C., education lobby Thursday after he was charged with misusing $150,000 in college funds.

Oct. 9, 2008, San Francisco Chronicle
City College misused funds, probe finds
by Stephanie Rice & Lance Williams
The chancellor of City College of San Francisco steered more than $28,000 in public funds into political campaigns for two state education measures, an internal investigation has found.

Sept. 25, 2008, San Francisco Chronicle
S.F. City College fundraising under probe
by Stephanie Rice & Lance Williams
A criminal grand jury is investigating officials at City College of San Francisco for allegedly diverting public funds into a 2005 campaign to pass a $246.3 million bond measure, college documents show.

Jan. 11, 2008, San Francisco Chronicle
CCSF funds diverted to political campaign, investigation finds
by Lance Williams & Stephanie Rice
Officials at City College of San Francisco illegally diverted college funds into a political campaign to pass a $246.3 million bond issue in 2005, according to an internal investigative report released Thursday.

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