Stephanie Rice is an experienced freelance journalist based in San Francisco. She has lived/worked throughout the Mideast and Latin America, including countries such as Egypt, Guatemala, Turkey and Sri Lanka.

With more than a decade of reporting and editing experience, Stephanie has been published by the Center for Investigative Reporting, Agence France-Presse, San Francisco Chronicle, Christian Science Monitor, SF Weekly, and many more. (Browse stories by topic above.) She never has a good answer to the question, “So what do you write about?” because she has written about all of the things, from revolutions to campaign finance violations. One time she wrote about city workers partying with prostitutes.

Stephanie currently edits words for Medium and the Center for Investigative Reporting. Past clients include GOOD Magazine, as well as numerous websites, nonprofits, and individual clients.

Stephanie began her career as a student reporter covering a campaign finance scandal at her college for the San Francisco Chronicle. She went on to report for local and international publications on everything from young girls sold into domestic servitude in Cairo to the Barry Bonds steroids perjury trial to the aftermath of a 7.2 earthquake in Guatemala — and much, much more. Her stories have prompted elected officials in San Francisco to stop paying themselves for meetings they never attended, exposed questionable practices by powerful building inspectors on the island of Alameda, and provided insight into how Cairo’s poorest lost faith in revolution.

As one of eight young American reporters chosen for the GlobalPost/Open Hands “Covering a Revolution” fellowship in Cairo, Stephanie was part of a reporting team that was the first to interview Egyptian presidential candidate Ayman Nour after his release from prison in 2011.

Stephanie is originally from Portland (the ’90s, Old Portland version) and still feels most at home hiking in the Columbia Gorge. Once upon a time, she completed the journalism program at City College of San Francisco and has fond memories of annoying college administrators from the campus paper’s leaky, cockroach-infested shack of a newsroom. More recently, she completed a bachelor’s degree in nursing from SF State. Skills include the ability to edit while careening around hairpin turns in the highlands of Guatemala, a knack for selecting just the right vein for a patient’s IV, and enough Arabic to argue with taxi drivers in Cairo. (These things rarely happen at the same time.)

Have a story tip or looking for some help with editing? Contact: stephaniericeSF at gmail or @stephaniericeSF.